Thursday, August 28, 2008

Changing our Date of Departure

No visas yet...  so, unfortunately, we have to push our flight back.  Instead of leaving on September 4th, it's looking like our date of departure will be more like the 15th.  I feel like I may be developing a stomach ulcer.  

I'm also missing the beach and my friend Kyle, who lives in a magical land where they drink 40's of Miller High Life out of wine glasses.  

And I miss her nice friends, too, who shared the cozy space with us.

In unrelated and happy news, we're headed to a wedding in Michigan this weekend (congrats to Tom and Jessie).  With luck, there will be enough fun and hijinx and firewater to make us forget our troubles.  Back soon with pictures.

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Kristi said...

Bummer on the visas! Such an annoying thing to have to wait for...I hope you get them soon!!