Monday, September 1, 2008

The Wedding

This weekend, my childhood friend, Tom, and his fiance, Jessie, were married in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Yes, that is corn in the background.
The wedding was outside on a very warm and sunny afternoon
We were gathered in the back yard of Jessie's parents' home.

My brother (in the center) was best man

There was a giant bonfire afterwards,
where people inexplicably threw organs and pianos into the flames.
those guys were from the wedding party, so I'm guessing that this was all part of the plan(?)

flaming organ

Jeff and I camped out on the lawn along with many others. A great end to a wonderful day.

The wedding was just outside of Frankenmuth, Michigan. Downtown Frankenmuth is Bavarian-themed and resort-like. Lots of fudge huts, cheese shops, and fried chicken dinners. There were few restaurants--so we went to one of them twice. One of the dishes at the wedding was grilled chicken basted with beer and butter. I am told it was very tasty but (obviously) not gluten-free and probably not very good for you.
My family+Jefe

Also, yesterday was my birthday.


Lyndal said...

flaming organs have definitely not been a part of any weddings I've been to! happy belated!

PB said...

so there you are. just found your blog and the email you sent a few weeks back. i was distracted in ny. lots a cars, you know.

happy belated.

this is a fun blog. hope it stays that way. love the family pictures. does r look more like her mother or her father? i guess there are more important questions.