Monday, August 11, 2008


Got back from our camping trip at Jones Lake yesterday. 

It was a nice place, considering they offered only drive-in (rather than hike-in) camping.  Usually this means that you're going to be kept awake most of the night listening to the folks in the Winnebagos to your left and right adjust the radio, watch television, and fight over the family Wii.  I can say without exaggeration that we have experienced all those things.  Our first night, there was a rowdy group of teenagers chugging beers and guffawing well into the night, but they had mysteriously disappeared by the time I woke up. The second night, the Loudy McLoudLouds camped at the single available electric site a few "doors" down.  But even that didn't bother me so much.  It could have been much worse.

It was actually pretty charming.  The site we picked looked like our own little desert island.

We walked, biked, hiked, swam, read, rested, and ate very well (steamed zucchini the first night, pork chop tacos the second).  It was lovely to spend so much time outside--and to come home with the freckles/burns to show for it.


Trevor said...

What, no ra-cooooons?

joycerwalker said...

I'm so insanely jealous I don't think I can visit this blog often --- but probably I won't we able to resist.


I forget if you were going to be back in the midwest before leaving for France or no? We'd of course love to see you here --- great biking! Great camping. New puppy.... I can make food with no wheat.


jefe said...

No racoons...with the sandy soil it was ants, lots of them. I didn't realize the tent was set up next to two or three tiny ant hills and by the next morning they had chewed a few holes, just big enough for an ant, in the tent to get to a dead bug they were trying to haul away. Oh yeah, and they were biters. Tenacious beasts.