Friday, August 8, 2008

Grinding the Granny Gear

We've been in Raleigh for a week now, and we've done lots of riding.  

I've ridden the Reedy Creek Trail (~10 miles) with my dad twice:

Jeff and I rode to Hillsborough Street and ate at Mitch's, the local pub/chili joint:

We rode to the Rose Garden for a picnic of cheese and saucisson:

And we've been back and forth to Whole Foods, which is always a nice ride:

Raleigh is a very hilly place, and Jeff remarked yesterday that he is worried that he'll wear out his lowest gear first.  In Urbana, the highest gear is always the first to go.  Thus the phrase "grinding the granny gear," which I read in a local zine yesterday, feels so very apt.

We're going camping this weekend--updates to follow.

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Kristi said...

Great pics! Glad to see that you are taking advantage of being in a hilly place and enjoying summer!