Saturday, October 10, 2015

15 Miles (Part II)

We finally followed through with the canal camping and made it out to Swain's Lock for an overnight excursion.

It's at least a two hour trip with a fully loaded cargo bike. We don't have much lightweight/small camping gear so there was barely room for Oscar to fall asleep on the way out.

Once we made it to the campsite and got set up, Oscar was in charge of meeting the neighbors. There were two bike-based campers and one hiker.

This is Maurice, a biker who was headed west. The other cyclist was headed back to DC.

We cooked a few hot dogs at the neighbor's fire (he had brought hot dogs for dinner too), while discussing the exploits of Admiral Farragut during the Civil War. We had just gotten one hot dog each before the forecasted rain came on suddenly.
 We played "Captain America" in the tent while waiting it out until a wayward thrown shield forced me to take a break from the action. Afterwards, we made a fire that lasted just long enough to cook two marshmallows before it died due to wet wood. We made the remainder of the hot dogs on the stove.

The next day we stopped at Great Falls on the way back and did some exploring.

We had just enough energy to make it back to Georgetown before we needed to refuel. Luckily, there is a conveniently located coffeeshop, Malmaison, to fulfill your pain au chocolat and macchiato needs.


Jim B said...

Wonderful time of meeting folks and dancing with the weather. You both are to be commended for sustainable camping! Papa has a dream of being able to camp with you some day.

Richard De Angelis said...

That sounds like s fun excursion! As a kid I once stowed away on the floor under the back seat of my parents' station wagon when they went for a bike ride at Carderock. When they discovered me upon arrival they let me tagalong riding my mom's bike (she rented one). It was too big for me so I lost control and rode it into the canal.

Also, here's some theme music for the next time you play the Captain America game.

Speaking of which, just as I finished reading this, I got a notification about a Facebook post featuring this comic book cover. :-)

Bridget Hunnicutt said...

Sounds like an amazing trip! Do you think you could make this trip with 2 adults and 2 kids (4.5 and 2.5) one adult riding an Xtracylcle cargo w/ assist and one on a road bike? Or do you need a hybrid or mountain bike? Also curious how your little one sleeps in the cargo. Looks like you have some sort of good set up but can't tell exactly how you did it. Also would love to hear any about any lightweight camping gear suggestions... you might have.