Sunday, May 31, 2015

Gratuitously Inconsiderate

Time for another predawn wake-up. This time for 95 mile loop headed north from Rockville, at the end of the Red Line.

I switched to eating peanuts, orange juice, and gatorade instead of clif bars. It seemed to work much better. Less sugar energy spikes (clif bars are mostly rice syrup, aka sugar).
Quadratic Drive?

Albuagh Rd. The gravel of Old West Falls Rd a few miles back was better 'cause it was shady.
I stopped for lunch in Mt. Airy when the weather was starting to get very hot. At least it seems that way when you've been riding for hours and there isn't much shade to be had. Luckily, I started packing 3 water bottles instead of two. I used a whole bottle just dumping water on my head and back.

It was hot enough by mile 85, I had to stop and dip my feet in a roadside stream and spotted this wild strawberry. That's how you know it's been hot the last few weeks.
Wild strawberries...
Had some encounters with gratuitously inconsiderate Maryland drivers. Apparently, asking them to wait the 1 second for oncoming traffic to clear is too much to ask.

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