Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We've been fortunate to be hosting a few visitors lately. We're trying to impress them as much as possible with our intimate knowledge of Poitiers and French culture. This can be a little time consuming. So while we gallivant around Poitiers and Paris, pointing out French quirks and foibles, here are a few photos to keep you entertained until we get around to writing again...

Jefe and Josh eating desert from Claud Lafond, the local high-end pastry shop
Jefe and Josh eating dessert from Claud Lafond, the local high-end pastry shop (by Rebecca)

La Serrurerie
La Serrurerie (by Josh)

Parc Blossac at Night
Parc Blossac at Night (by Josh)

L'Isle Jourdain
The town of L'Isle Jourdain along the Vienne River (by Jefe)

Grand Prix de Buxerolles
The Grand Prix de Buxerolles, 12 laps totalling 155km (by Jefe)

Eglise St. Pierre in Chauvigny
Eglise St. Pierre in Chauvigny, immaculately restored (by Jim)
***Just wanted to clarify that Jefe meant that the picture was taken by Jim.  
Jim did not immaculately restore the Eglise St. Pierre.
-Rebecca's edit 4/1/09

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