Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rebecca ran (a) 10K

Breaking News: 

Yesterday, For First Time Ever, Girl Runs 10k

Well *cough*  it wasn't an actual, like scheduled 10k event, per se.

Ok, so maybe it was only on a treadmill, and not on real pavement...
maybe it was all by herself and not with thousands of screaming bystanders...
and maybe it took 71 minutes and 45 seconds to do it (a time which doesn't even qualify as "real running," according to some)

But even if it was just a snail-paced 6 mile run at her local gym -- that's pretty awesome, right?!? Next stop, half marathon.


France-related posts will be back soon...

1 comment:

Jim B said...

Congrats on the 10K..we are ways off from that.

The Baughman/Kendalls are having a charity half-marathon May 16 in Milledgevile. Can we try it??