Friday, November 21, 2008


We found a french website that delivers gluten free food and just got our first package today. It includes bread mix, lasagne, cereal, and snack bars. To make sure that it got delivered in a timely manner, we went to the hardware store and bought address numbers to put near our door so delivery personnel could find our building. The latest delivery went off without a hitch, which is promising. Prior to this addition, you had to look at adjacent buildings. Most adjacent building are lacking numbers, except for our neighbors (a law office) who have a number plate that looks like it was salvaged from the Titanic due to its severe oxidation which makes it nearly impossible to decipher.

Rebecca's students are starting to get anxious about the TOEIC exam, which is next week. She is handling a few extra practice sessions for her students. After the exam, we are going to Berlin for a few days. We will probably revisit a few of the places we liked when we were in Berlin in December 2007. This includes Cafe V (a vegetarian restaurant), the used clothing stores in Prenzlauerberg, and a few movie theaters that reliably show movies in the original language (english or french) with german subtitles.

The farmer's market stills holds things to discover. We've found our favorite vendors in a few categories: pork products, aged goat cheese, organic vegetables, cured sausage, and beef & lamb products. We may try the oysters brought in from the Bay of Biscay (about 1.5 hours away) in the next few weeks.

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