Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy Birthday O-man

In celebration of Oscar's very first birthday, we decided to make the smart choice and leave the planning to the professionals. Anyone who has a child older than 12 months is a professional to us. Thus, we attended a fantastic party at the home of our friends Kate and Jason (who make kid-friendly parties look easy). Oscar got a chance to practice tying a tie (more often than Jefe in the last 12 months).

He also got to practice walking...

and using a fork.

Everyone enjoyed the sunshine and wonderful food.

Oscar got to play with some wrapping paper and cardboard boxes.

Oscar snacking on some dessert shoes, mmmmm.

Oscar's toy mentor, Mackenzie, helped him find the best parts of his new toy.

And finally, there was cupcakes for all, but mostly for Oscar.

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Kristi said...

Looks like a great day of celebrating! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Oscar must be one of the cutest kids EVER, and I think his parents do a great job of encouraging his expressive personality. :)