Saturday, May 30, 2009


Our visitors are arriving on the heels of each other. We said goodbye to Erika on Wednesday morning, and Trevor arrived with his bike in tow the same afternoon.

Erika's last day in our lovely apartment.

Hello Trevor...with Saturday afternoon oysters. (In case you're wondering what you're missing)

then a nap...

Late afternoon in Parc Blossac

Moules Frites and Muscadet

After all that relaxing, it's time for a trip to the bottle depository.

Stay tuned for more photos and info from the recent adventures and possibly some guest-authored posts.


R said...

Yo, what's with that haircut? Is that man a respectable woodworker? Oysters look great and those empty wine bottles are where it is(was) at.


Jim B said...

This former quest says thanks again. Early spring was fine in Poitiers... Our cooking has taken a step up since our return.

Jim & Sherri

Josh said...

I heart moules frites!